Since 1994 Alex started an close collaboration with the contemporary music ensemble “Ictus” in Brussels, becoming a member of the ensemble in 1999. During these years up until today Alex has been involved in nearly all amplified concerts, CD publications and creations of Ictus with among others Georges Aperghis, Thierry De Mey, Philippe Manoury, Magnus Lindberg, Jonathan Harvey, Javier Alvarez, Steve Reich and Fausto Romitelli.
The Ictus Timeline (still under construction)

Alex Fostier

Sound & digits

Talking Music

Festival Musica, Strasbourg (F)Tom Johnson: “TileWork”; Vinko Globokar: “Toucher” and “Le Cri des Alpes”; Georges Aperghis: “Le Rire physiologique”; Mauricio Kagel: “Den 24. Xii. 1931”  - with Vinko Globokar;

Mouvement II

Luna/Kaaitheater, Brussels (B)Ictus FestivaKaija Saariaho, fragments from MaaBernd Alois Zimmermann, PrésenceKarlheinz Stockhausen, Der kleine HarlekinMauricio Kagel, Match


Festival Octobre en Normandie, Rouen (F)Conlon Nancarrow: “Toccata”Klas Torstensson: “Pedaal”David Shea, “Tex” (creation)Steve Reich: “New York Counterpoint”Bernd Aloïs Zimmermann: “Sonate”Franco Donatoni: “Omar”Igor Stravinski: “Tango-Waltz-Rag” (from: L'Histoire du Soldat)Mauricio Kagel: “RRR... 5 Jazzstücke”Alejandro Viñao: “Tumblers”